The Glowbase PhD Progress Tracking Platform is an online tool that facilitates administrative work during your PhD.

As a student, you can edit all the required information about yourself and your dissertation. Your personalized "Milestones" give you an overview of the most important tasks you have to complete during your PhD. The Milestones you see are personalized and reflect the doctoral regulations of your university, your faculty and your PhD program. Your colleagues may therefore have different Milestones if they are in a different PhD program or matriculated at a different faculty.

Every Milestone represents an individual task that you have to complete. This may for example include thesis committee meetings, a research plan, or course work. Instead of sending meeting protocols, certificates of attendance, and similar documents to your supervisor or your Program Coordinator, simply upload these documents into your Milestone. Add any additional information, and submit the Milestone for approval - that's it!

Note that every Milestone has a deadline, and you are asked to complete the Milestone before that deadline. If a Milestone appears as "overdue", this will eventually result in a notification that informs your supervisor and your Program Coordinator about outstanding duties.

With DissGo, you have all information about your Milestones securely stored in one place and accessible at any time. Everyone who is entitled (you, your supervisor, program coordinator, thesis committee members) has access to your Milestones and the corresponding information. This allows you to document your progress and to collaborate efficiently with your supervisor and your Program Coordinator.


First steps:

  1. Once your administrator creates your account, you will receive your personal login details by email.
  2. After the login, navigate to your profile. Check if your personal data is complete and make adjustments if necessary.
  3. Navigate to your "Dissertation" tab and edit/add all information as detailed as possible. If the "Dissertation" tab does not yet appear on your profile, please click the "Add dissertation" link and enter the details of your dissertation project.
  4. Navigate to the "Milestones" tab and familiarize yourself with the milestones that are displayed. If you have already completed some of the milestones, add all the information as detailed as possible and submit the milestones for approval.
  5. Report your first experience with DissGo to your administrator. What you think about DissGo? What should be improved, what do you especially like? Is anything missing in your Milestones?