This tutorial explains how you can easily manage incoming applications and guides you through the various tools available to filter, categorize and review application documents.

View submitted applications

To view submitted applications, go to the "Applications" page that can be seen in the main menu page that you can always see to the right of your Dashboard (1).

The list of applications can be filtered by various criteria, the admission round being just one of them (2). Admission round, category, position, research field, progress and institution are all filters which you can use to access only the applications you need. If you do not see any applications, try to adjust the filter accordingly.

If you click on the ''More'' button next to each application (3), you will access all the features and functionalities that help you screen and review applications (4). After clicking on this button you can choose to see the details of an application, reject it immediately, reject it later, pass it for review, request changes and much more. As an administrator, these features enable you to accept or reject an application directly from the application list.

Depending on which software package you have purchased from Glowbase, you will notice that you have access to premium functionalities. All customers currently have temporary access to them. Features like the ''Download archive'' are there to make the application review process easier for you and your colleagues. 

Add notes to applications

To simplify collaboration and information exchange, Group Leaders and Program Coordinators can add notes to an application dossier. Notes can be public and visible to all staff that has access to the application platform, or private and only visible to you. You can add notes to individual applications the same way you would add physical sticky notes to paper applications and documents.

Notes can be added to a candidate, a referee or to the application itself. The difference between these 3 options is:

  • Notes attached to the application are only visible in this specific application dossier;
  • In contrast, notes attached to a candidate are displayed with every application dossier of that candidate (for example, if the candidate applies again next year);
  • Notes attached to a reference are also visible in every application the referee submits a recommendation letter for. So if you know a referee personally and think that he/she is trustworthy, you may add a note to inform your colleagues about this.

To add a note, click on the ''More'' button next to the application (3) and enter the ''View application details'' option (4).