This tutorial explains how you can connect the recruitment platform with your graduate school's website.

1. Configure the platform

Before you launch the recruitment platform, please make sure that it is configured correctly. This helps you avoid receiving incomplete applications once the platform goes online. As a minimal setup, you should define the application deadline, configure the application questionnaire and the required documents. You don't need to publish your positions at this time, you can add them later.

2. Set up a landing page

Ask the person who maintains your school's website to add a "landing page". The page can be called something like "Application procedure" or "How to apply" - most likely, you already have a similar webpage online.

The idea of this new page is to inform students about the application procedure and the requirements as early as possible. This helps the candidates prepare their documents and have everything in place before they actually register and start the application process.

The page could for example include:

  • a short description of the application procedure
  • a short note about eligibility
  • a list of requirements (documents, certificates)
  • deadlines, dates and schedules

3. Link the recruitment platform

Once the landing page contains all the required information, add a link to your Glowbase recruitment platform. The link can be titled "Apply here" and should point to the following URL:

Please replace the characters with your actual subdomain.


The following screenshot displays an example of such a landing page:

If you advertise your positions on an external website, you can of course also include the link directly into your call for applications: