Most probably the reason why you can't see which applicants want to meet with your for an interview is the fact that the deadline until when applicants can submit their interview preferences has not passed yet. They are probably still submitting their interview invitations, hence why you cannot see them. If this is the case you will see this message under Interviews > Admission round (select the appropriate one from the dropdown menu) > My interview preferences

Once the listed deadline has passed, you will be able to see which applicants invited you to an interview and you will be able to either accept or reject their invitations, in addition to being able to view their applications. For more on how to do this, take a look at our article on how to accept or reject applicant interview invitations

 Please note  that there is a possibility that no applicants invited you to an interview, whether because they missed the deadline or for some other reason, but your Coordinator can still invite them to one through the platform