In case you forget the password to your DissGo (progress tracking platform) or recruitment platform account, you can reset it.

Nevertheless, if you get the message that you are unable to reset your password, two things could be causing this issue:    
  1. You might have registered with a different email address than the one you are trying to login with. SOLUTION: If you are in a PhD program and are using the DissGo platform- reach out to your Program Coordinator for help. They will be able to reset and share your new login data with you. If you are applying through the Glowbase recruitment platform, please contact us at
  2. It's possible that your Program Coordinator intentionally disabled your DissGo account. SOLUTION: Once again reach out to your Coordinator or whoever is in charge of the progress tracking platform at your institution. Check with them if your account is still active, and if yes, ask them to reset your login data for you.