Applicant accounts are created automatically when an applicant submits their application, and you cannot add an applicant manually. Applicants will be assigned the role of a ''Candidate'' in the platform. 

However, accounts for Principal Investigators (PI) and Program Coordinators need to be created manually by an Integrator or a Program Coordinator. Only these two roles have the permission to create new PI or Program Coordinator accounts. The reason for this is that these accounts have access to confidential application dossiers and creating them manually gives you control over who has access to sensitive data.

To create an account for a Principal Investigator (PI) or Program Coordinator, click on the People tab in the main menu.

To make sure the person doesn't already have an account and so you're not creating a duplicate, type in their first name or surname and click the "search" button. Before you proceed, check if the person appears in the search results.

Or, to check if this person already has an account, you can also look at ''People by role''. Click on the option that suits the role you are trying to create: ''All Program Coordinators'' or ''All Principal Investigators''. Note: you cannot create an account for a candidate and you cannot create roles by clicking on the ''All people'' tab. 

By clicking on one of the options, you will be taken to the complete list of people who have this role.

Regardless of whether you searched for this person or if you clicked on the ''All Program Coordinators'' or ''All Principal Investigators'' roles, look for the ''Add program coordinator'' or ''Add principal investigator'' button on whatever page you are on.